The diagnosis process fails to match patients with available medical interventions for many diseases. Eligible patients often miss out on benefitting from approved or experimental therapies. Health systems invest significant manual time and resources to sift through vast volumes of patient data to recruit the right patients for clinical trials. Graticule Patient Finder accelerates clinical trial recruitment and improves access to care.

With Graticule Patient Finder you can:

Accelerate enrollment timelines in ongoing clinical trials by identifying the right patients for clinical trials
Execute successful clinical trials by identifying appropriate patients benefiting from the experimental therapies
Promote collaboration with life science companies by identifying missed patients who could benefit from the approved therapies
Improve the appropriate utilization of advanced/novel therapies that require pre-authorization and qualification
Improve health equity by providing access to treatments in patients who are missed owing to their socio-economic constraints

Benefits of Patient Finder

Improve care delivery to patientsExecute more sponsored studies
  • Improve clinical outcomes by identifying the at-risk and missed patient population eligible for approved therapies
  • Identify the eligible patient population who could benefit from experimental therapies
  • Attract sponsors by conducting efficient clinical trials through accelerated patient recruitment 
  • Reduce health resource time and unreimbursed fund spent on patient identification to improve overall study margins