Graticule works with data aggregators to deploy patient identification tools and demonstrate utility prior to site implementation. Additionally, Graticule coordinates with multiple health systems to work through contracting, protocol development & implementation using standard tools and legal agreements.

Graticule has partnerships with real-world dataset providers like health systems, health IT vendors,  health information technology companies, pathology groups, and genetic data companies that facilitate the deployment of Patient Finder at scale.

How the process works with partners

Graticule partnerships with data aggregators provide access to large volumes of health system datasets across multiple health systems. Through these partnerships, Patient Finder is deployed across multiple health systems at scale. The process is carried out through a standard architecture to achieve rapid deployment times.

Implementing Patient Finder at scale

Benefits of working with Data Aggregate Partners

Prebuilt infrastructure for rapid deployment across each health system
New extraction of data not required at the health system level
Provide health system-specific summary reports based on de-id data, with permission
Evaluate the tool’s usefulness prior to actual deployment within health systems